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Thursday, 21 May 2020

Holland's & Villagers contribute to 150 Food Boxes a week

A few weeks ago we were pleased to run the article below about Holland's of Milford adding a collection point for donations to New Forest Basics Bank, who provide food parcels to those in need.

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Since then, Sue Forward from New Forest Basics Bank has been collecting food items twice, sometimes three times a week and taking them to a central point to be distributed to people in need locally.

Sue has made a point of saying that Hollands have been so helpful when she visits and they always ring her as soon as a full collection is ready. Sue said; "The amount of food that is being donated is brilliant, and every time I collect donations, they fill both the boot and back seat of my car. People are so caring and supportive."

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Thanks to the generosity of people in Milford on Sea, and the kindness of Holland's, these donation help New Forest Basics Bank to deliver food boxes to approximately 150 households a week in Milford on Sea, New Milton, Ashley and Lymington.

This is awesome to hear, and heartfelt thanks go to the Holland's team, and everyone in the village who has, or will be donating to prevent someone less fortunate going to be hungry.


Holland's of Milford have decided to install a crate to collect donations of food for New Forest Basics Bank.
All food donations collected will be distributed to the needy of the area. Of course, right now there are more in need due to the hardship arising from Covid-19. 

A notice on the crate tells you what they need most. Please be as generous as you can, thank you.

PS: You can also donate money by clicking here.

New Forest Basics Bank

New Forest Basics Bank is a locally based charity that provides food parcels for the desperately poor in the area.

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