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Tuesday, 28 April 2020

Something worthwhile for the children to do during lockdown

We have heard from Jackie Wells, who is a Milford on Sea resident and a trustee of Age UK Southampton.

The project look a great idea, not just to entertain the children, but also to bring some happiness to elderly people who may be finding these time tough.

Jackie writes:

"Like most charities we are working hard to adapt to the current environment; one in which many of our older people in Southampton have found themselves isolated and lonely (and with many not living in an environment as lovely as Milford). 

Just one of the new initiatives is bringing some cheer to our older people by including a picture or letter from the younger generation. The article below describes a bit about what we are doing and asks for the children of Milford to send in letters and pictures. If you want to know more, please do get in touch." 

From Me to You – bringing the generations together. 

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Age UK Southampton is an independent charity (one of the Age UK family) that provides support to the older people of Southampton. Some of our older people have been the hardest hit by the lockdown. With day-care centres and clubs closed, many are feeling lonely and isolated and can’t be with people like they used to. 

Like many charities and local voluntary groups, we are supporting as many older and vulnerable people as possible by delivering food and other support and checking up on the well-being of our people with regular phone calls. 

One of the ways in which we are trying to bring a bit of cheer to our people is to include a letter or drawing from the younger generation in any deliveries that we make to their doorstep. The ‘From Me to You’ project started with patients at the Southampton Children’s Hospital sending pictures and letters but has now grown to include schools and other groups. The project is a way that we can reach out to make a difference to someone’s life and bring some sunshine in to their day even if they are in isolation. 

We would love the children of Milford to get involved by sending their drawings and letters to Age UK Southampton so that we can distribute them. 

Some guidelines for the letters or drawings: 

• Please do not share your full name/address, personal information or photos 
• Please be positive 
• Please do not use inappropriate language 
• Please avoid asking questions – the receiver will not be able to reply to your letter 
• Help bring a smile to someone who is lonely and isolated 

Letters and drawings can be sent in two ways. Either scan or take a picture and send it by email to Claire Roberts at Age UK Southampton by clicking here - or post your letters and drawings to the address below. 

‘From Me to You’ 
Age UK Southampton 
Freemantle & Shirley Community Centre
Randolph Street, Southampton, SO15 3HE 

If you want to know more about the project or Age UK Southampton; please click here

To contact Jackie; please click here.

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