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Tuesday, 21 May 2019

Cornwallis Remembered Celebrations: The Third Admiral

As part Cornwallis Remembered Celebrations to take place in July, the Milford on Sea Historical Record Society have provided this article on 'The Third Admiral'.

Admiral Robert Man (1745-1813)

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Robert Man first went to sea in 1768, transferring very soon to a series of four ships all commanded by his father, Captain Robert Man. The fourth of these, the frigate Milford, engaged a French privateer in March 1762 with a modest casualty list. Chief of these was the captain, who was hit in the thigh by a six pound cannon ball. He died four hours later, just minutes after hearing that La Gloire had struck. Young Robert, still only 14 years old, received a musket ball in the neck. He was luckier than the First Lieutenant, who was hit in the forehead by another musket ball, dying in agony two days later.

A solid if unspectacular career led to promotion to Rear Admiral and command of a squadron off neutral Cadiz. Misfortune led to misfortune: his quarry – a French squadron under Richery – came out but accompanied by a large, and no longer neutral, Spanish fleet. 

Starved of supplies, unable to re-join Jervis and the Mediterranean Fleet, and with promises of support from home unfulfilled, he returned to England. His actions were misunderstood by Nelson (who otherwise regarded him highly), and seized upon by Jervis, forced to leave the Mediterranean because of a lack of a suitable base, who was eager for a scapegoat. Calmer minds prevailed at the Admiralty where he was appointed as a Lord Commissioner, one of the seven wise men who directed the operations of the navy as a whole. 

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His career, along with many others, ended when Jervis was appointed First Lord of the Admiralty on the fall of Pitt in 1801. He died at Pennington House an Admiral of the Red, and was buried in modest fashion – as per his will – at Milford in 1813.
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Friday 5th July 2019: includes a family friendly celebration on Milford on Sea village green and much more. Keep the date free!

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