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Thursday, 14 March 2019

Bad news for Hordle Cliffs

Following our recent article 'Milford on Sea beach huts condemned' click here to read), we have received the email below from a local resident:  

"There is much wider issue of the whole beach disappearing - I heard that the Kiosk at Hordle Cliff car park was told by the council that by 5 years there will not be a beach! 

The 2 bays document relates to erosion along coast - this document was known by the Council for a long time but now is becoming more widely known amongst the beach hut community - not by the council telling us! - I don’t think the general Milford resident knows of this though. (Click here to read Two Bays document)

picture by Southampton University
click to enlarge
There is a do nothing policy for Hordle Cliff and the expected erosion for this area - which includes Hordle Cliff car park disappearing! 

Originally there was a a policy of ‘Hold the Line’ for Hordle Cliff - page 4.2.1 it has now changed to ‘Do nothing’ 

Relevant pages, 4.2.13 - anticipated retreat of 1.2 metres per year - in the last 4 months this must have been over 10-15 metres. Other pages - 4.2.14, 4.2.46, 48, 49 

Anther document from Southampton University refers to the change at Hordle Cliff being due to sea defences at Barton. (Click here to read.)

Thought you would find this interesting - sorry about the amount of reading! 

We have written to Council and MP as we are very concerned about this overall erosion - as I previously said it’s a much broader issue than just beach huts disappearing and I really feel that the village should be made aware of this.

Editors comment: Knowing how powerful the sea can be the ultimate effects are quite understandable. Hopefully things do not deteriorate too quickly.

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