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Saturday, 25 April 2015

New Lymington Brewed Craft Beer

A new brewery, Dancing Cows, has started brewing craft beers at Sadlers Farm on Lower Pennington Lane near Lymington. 

This new venture is the brainchild of Richard Baker, who has recently moved to the area. Prior to this, Richard spent eleven years building up a real ale brewery in Lancashire, which he has now sold and relocated locally with his family.

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Dancing Cows are located in a beautiful old barn next to the salt marshes looking out to the Isle of Wight, and the team are now producing naturally-conditioned craft beers in cask and bottles. 

Richard's plan for Dancing Cow's is to produce quality rather than quantity and he will be using barley from Simeon and Lisa at Aubrey Farm in Keyhaven in his brews.

Dancing Cows beer is hoped to soon to be stocked in Hollands of Milford, and served in Milford on Sea Club, so it will not be long before we can taste this new beer.

Richard recently visited the USA, where he saw at first hand how craft brewers and distillers were working together to create new and exciting products - often with locally grown and foraged ingredients, which in turn has given him many exciting and adventurous ideas for his new venture.

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Dancing Cows will not just be brewing beer. The team are also working on a plan to also install a one gallon batch artisan distillery on the same site.

Richard also has a 500 litre still on order from Italy which will allow him to make rums, apple brandies, rye whiskies and gins. 

The plan to start producing spirits some time towards the end of this summer with the products using local fruits, herbs and botanicals wherever possible. 

Sounds like some serious tastings need to take place over the coming months!

Dancing Cows
Richard Baker
Sadlers Farm, Lower Pennington Lane, Lymington, SO41 8AL 
01590 676071|07952 639465


  1. Jake. Sheppard10 July 2015 at 18:03

    Just like to say, lucky enough to try some Dancing Cows on Lymington market saturday, lovely tasting stuff. all i have to do now is go get some, probably try a keg, if thats as tasty as the bottled beers I will be a happy bunny.

  2. Jake. Sheppard23 July 2015 at 17:35

    Update to above, luckily found the Musketeer in Pennington had Dancing Cow on, had to try some, yeah lovely stuff. Hope Eric get's more in for beer festival.