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Wednesday, 3 September 2014

The Bodyguards are coming

Hurst Castle are excitedly awaiting the arrival of The Company of Pikemen & Musketeers at 2.30pm on Saturday 13th September, who will be doing a 45 minute display.

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The Company of Pikemen & Musketeers are a ceremonial unit of the Honourable Artillery Company and one of only six royally warranted bodies in the UK.

The members of the Company are dressed and equipped as they would have been in the 1640s and are tasked with providing a ceremonial bodyguard for the Lord Mayor of the City of London and escorting him when he is on official business. These duties are primarily at Guildhall and Mansion house but also at livery halls and other City events. The Company also provides guards of honour and carpet guards at Armoury House, headquarters of the Honourable Artillery Company when guests are being entertained. 

Ferries will be running from Keyhaven Quay to the castle and normal castle admission charges will apply.

The café will also be open for snacks, cake and drinks.

Find out more at: Hurst Castle Shop
47 High Street, Milford on Sea, SO41 0QG | 01590 642500


Poem read on by Radio 5 Live at The Lord Mayors show.Queens Silver Jubilee 1997.

Supplied to us by: Mike Halliwell (Major. TD. Late RA. HAC)

He said that they looked an elderly lot.
"No good in a war"was his passing shot!
The radio man spoke of my friends.
He hadn't a clue,so I'll make amends.
Forget for a moment the passing of time, These men have all put their lives on the line.

Regular service, Reserve and TA
Is honoured,respected and only the way
To earn them the right to carry a Pike.
To March with and guard The Lord Mayor and his like.
A sharp eye can see from deep in the crowd The bearing and purpose,head still held proud.
Pageantry is but part of the script.
It raises the pulse.Encourages conscripts.
Behind all this show there's a serious chore Done by these folk who are "too old for war"!
The TA is part of one army alone
And they cannot fight lest some "hold the phone"
Mark up the maps and brief all the "stars"
As to who has moved where while they've been "at the war"
So just you remember when you commentate That they also serve who "just stand and wait"
Lets hear then no more of "too old to fight "
A soldiers a soldier till he "puts out the light"
If there's a role where he can be part
He'll give it his best with all of his heart.
Back in HQ,the Map room or 'phone
He doesn't mind and he won't be alone.
And if he's to March with pride with his Queen There's nowhere on earth he would rather have been!

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