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Friday, 14 March 2014

Who’s Nicked Our Sign!

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Right, come on, own up, who's got it!

On opening their windows to welcome in some rare morning sunlight, a loyal reader was faced with watching our quaint village finger-post road sign being dismantled on the village green. As he watched, the two guys took it to bits, loaded it into their truck and off they went.

This may of course be the local council refurbishing the local village landmark, or perhaps it was someone with a village but no sign.

Now it is lost, I have no idea how far we are from Southampton. 

The corner of the village green is now postless, signless and reduced to a plastic cone that can't tell you how to get anywhere. So, whoever has our sign, it would be nice to have back as soon as possible please.

PS: Our source is quite traumatised as they now having nothing to look at whilst enjoying their morning cuppa. However, if they can get through the day, I am sure a few glasses of wine sitting in the window of The Cave overlooking the bare patch will soon put him right!

If anyone know what has happened, please let us know by posting a reply below or e-mailing:

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