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Sunday, 15 December 2013

Fancy a Quality Cuppa?!

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A brand new business has opened its doors in Milford on Sea. The Great Tea Co. is the brainchild of local man, Ben Mair.

Previously, Ben had trained successfully as a chef, and spent some of his time in the Verveine kitchen alongside award winning chef David Wykes.
Ben however decided to take his career in another direction after discovering the exciting world of blends and exotic teas.

The Great Tea Co. is a tea expert, who knows the latest innovations and will always share its knowledge with its customers and consumers to deliver the Great Tea experience. They will always strive to have the widest range of teas and accessories in order to deliver the Great Tea experience.

Ben is inspired to source great quality, great value teas from around the world to offer you an extensive selection of delicious all natural teas. He has the perfect tea blends and accessories to match every occasion and mood, from the familiar classics to the more unusual, adventurous blends. So whether you want to enjoy a soothing, comforting cup of tea, or a blend to stimulate and invigorate, whatever you desire, he can help you 'Make everyday a Great Tea day'.

According to Chinese legend, tea was invented accidentally in 2737 B.C. by Emperor Shen Nong. He was a scholar and herbalist, as well as a creative scientist and patron of the arts. Among other things, the emperor believed that drinking boiled water contributed to good health. One summer day while visiting a distant region, he and his entourage stopped to rest. The servants began to boil water for the emperor and his subjects to drink, but dried leaves from a nearby camellia bush fell into the boiling water. The emperor was fascinated with the new liquid due to its pleasing aroma, so he drank the infusion and discovered that it was very refreshing with a delightful flavour. He then declared that tea gives vigour to the body, thus….Just like Emperor Shen Nong, Ben believes that tea is great!
Ben will be providing tasting of his teas and displaying his tea related accessories at the CakeFest at Milford on Sea Food Week on Monday 7th April 2014, he will also have a stall in the Community Centre on Food Week Saturday alongside other local producers.

As well as supplying tea lovers, he also hopes to provide his teas to local shops, caf├ęs, restaurants, hotels, and B&B's.
To find out more about his teas you can contact Ben on - 01590 641972, or visit his website below.

The Great Tea Co.

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