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Thursday, 28 November 2013

Get Involved at Food Week

Everyone in the community is invited to get involved with Food Week.

We are now looking for people to create events, or to join in activities that will be held in numerous locations across the village and in the professional Cookery Theatre in the Community Centre.

Alongside the celebrity shows, we are looking for local people to take a slot to demonstrate their favourite recipes or food passions, people can also hold talks, kids events, educational activities, fact, if it is related to food, - we can find a slot for it!

We would also like local clubs to hold open days with a food related events, charities to think of fundraisers for their own cause, and for local organisations and businesses to come up with ideas on how they can be part of Food Week. Indeed, if you have an idea on how you can be involved, we want to hear it!

Should you not be able to get involved, you can help us just as much by coming along to as many events as possible!

If you would like to get involved in Food Week at any level, or would like to be a volunteer and haven't yet been in touch, please drop me a line at:

Milford on Sea Food Week
Monday 7th to 14th April 2014

About Milford on Sea Food Week

During Food Week our village will be alive with Themed Dining Evenings, Professional Cookery Theatre, Celebrity Shows, Cooking Demonstrations, Educational Talks, Dining Offers, Wine Tastings and the unique Great Dining Bus. We also have lots of Kid's Events including Cookery Classes and a Food Treasure Hunt.

To end Food Week there is the chance to savour local produce our very own large & popular Sunday Food Market.

Everyone at every age is included, and there are over 100 village events & shows all organised by local organisations, businesses, clubs and individuals.

Our New Forest seaside village is fortunate to be blessed with great places to eat and surrounded by quality local producers, so what better way for Milford on Sea to celebrate this than to have an entire week dedicated to the joys of food!

Milford on Sea Food Week is co-ordinated by a small dedicated group of volunteers who provide their expertise and time for free. We are also fortunate to have a generous group of sponsors, friends & supporters. As a 'not for profit' event, any income generated is only used to cover promotional costs and no fees or expenses are taken by any of the Food Week organisers. We are delighted to support local good causes from any profits that are made.

Food Week is truly ‘By the community, for the community’ and your support is critical to us, we thank you for getting involved whether by participating or simply enjoying the many events throughout the village.

Milford on Sea Food Week
Monday 7th to 14th April 2014

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