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Wednesday, 20 June 2018

Catch up with the village's past!

Milford on Sea's past is the key to understanding who we are and where we have come from and Milford-on-Sea Historical Record Society (MOSHRS) has launched its new website for you to discover more. 

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You can now browse the history pages to uncover Milford's past. 

You can also, search the catalogue to discover old records from the society's archives, check out the publications that you can purchase, and find out about the activities which MOSHRS is working on. 

This new website is part of the Bringing History Home initiative, largely funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund. Here you will find house histories, accounts of significant families and residents, how our schools and healthcare developed, find out about our many organisations and businesses, explore local history trails and much more. 

The website hosts the catalogue to the society's archive of historical records. Today it contains nearly a fifth of all of the MOSHRS records and more will be added throughout the summer. 

If you have documents, photographs or objects from the past and which have a connection to Milford then you can add them to the archive through the website.

You can explore the new website at, and if you would like to join MOSHRS then please click here.

Milford-on-Sea Historical Record Society (MOSHRS)

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