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Saturday, 1 July 2017

Help Out at the Community Centre

The Bar and Café in the Community Centre form an important part of the service that is provided to residents and visitors.

Each of these services is managed by a team of volunteers – led by two small groups who make sure that there are adequate stocks to meet demand, manage the rota and help introduce new volunteers to the job.

Both teams have a vacancy for which a volunteer is sought.


The bar is open only for events that are presented in the Community Centre and a person is needed to take over the volunteers rota - this is work that needs limited computer skills and can be done without leaving the comfort of ones own home! It involves

· Keeping the Bar events calendar up to date - gathering information from the Community Centre    Calendar, 'What's On" etc.
· Maintaining a contacts list of volunteers
· Contacting new volunteers and arranging their induction into the role.
· Intermittent emails to the volunteers to get them to look at the rota and sign up.
· Contact with event managers on the rare occasions when no volunteer is available to cover an event.


The cafe is normally open Monday to Friday only from 9.30 to 12.30 but occasionally for longer periods and on some Saturdays for special events.

The rota for cafe volunteers is currently run in a less high-tech way than the bar! A paper copy of the months rota is kept in the cafe and volunteers sign up. However, the rota person needs to have their own copy and to keep an eye on how it’s filling up. They must contact the volunteers, usually by email, to keep them informed about gaps that need filling. 

Someone taking over this task could, of course, find a more efficient way to ensure there is always a volunteer to staff the cafe!

For an informal chat about either of these roles contact Kathleen or Tony Hales on 01590 644481.

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