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Saturday, 5 December 2015

Delightful Carols on the Green

You just have to love Milford on Sea...

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Friday night was chilly, but a warm coat and an optional silly hat can deal with that. 

Carols on the Green saw hundreds of people entranced by a very special night in the village.

The Christmas tree on the village green stood tall and bright as David Hellsten hosted the service on behalf of the village churches, and with some dodgy Christmas jokes! 

Total Voice Choir once again led the community carol singing accompanied by the enthusiastic throng of villagers.

The village shops also stayed open for a bit of extra festive trade, and hot food was sold in the street by village traders to many a hungry carol singer.

Gwen even went to the trouble of putting decorations in her vacant shop. 

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As the locals met, mingled and chatted, Father Christmas arrived on his motorised sleigh to round the evening off and to delight the kids in the village with small present.

This was a fabulous night of true community spirit, and the organisers from 'Churches Together in Milford' and their volunteers deserve a big thank you for keeping this village tradition not just alive, but really kicking.

Wonderful memories are made for all generations on nights like these.

'How rude!'
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Footnote: The only downside was that Santa wouldn't give me any sweets. Never mind, the real one comes at Christmas!

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