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Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Plans Submitted for Milford Pier

An unexpected and contentious plan has been submitted to Hampshire County Council to build a pier in front of The White House on Milford on Sea seafront.

The concept has emerged after several ideas have been explored for the future of Milford on Sea seafront following the destruction of the beach huts in the Valentine's Storm of 2014. 

William Cornwallis-West
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It might surprise people to discover that a pier is not an new idea - in 1886 William Cornwallis-West inherited the Newlands Manor Estate and attempted to convert Milford into a premier seaside resort to rival the Duke of Devonshire's project at Eastbourne. He commenced by changing the name of the village to Milford on Sea. 

His plans included the construction of a pier, railway station, public baths, health spa, hotel, houses and golf course. The scheme finally failed primarily due to a lack of funds and market interest, however the project did start, and the Victoria Hotel and some surrounding houses were built. Many roads on the cliff top were constructed at the time, and the road names still bear reference to his friends and family, and apart from a handful of houses, this is about all that remains of his original vision today. 

The Milford on Sea Pier would be a ultra-modern design with multi-purpose facilities. This will include a jetty to moor boats and entertainment areas.

Milford on Sea Pier
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We understand that the ideas being considered for the entertainment area include an amusement arcade, clairvoyant, poetry corner, speed boat & donut rides (with over 65 discounts), and a peeping wall, where people can enjoy themselves as either a peepee or peeper.

When clairvoyant, Mrs T. Leaves, was asked if she knew whether the pier would be a success, she said she didn't know.   

Local objections are already being received, and a village debate is under way as to whether the pier will be a benefit or detraction for the village.

Bill Ding, of the construction company, Doolittle and Bodgit commented; "We are very much looking forward to delivering this project, and if the water is warm enough I may get to use my new swimming trunks when the foundation pilings are laid."

The Parish Council are as yet to make an official statement, but it is believed that they are split between the significant benefits for tourism, against concerns that residents from the Isle of Wight may come as day visitors and then remain claiming refugee status in the village.

Anyone wishing to express their views can do so by emailing Mr Joe King at

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  1. Sounds like a good idea in 'principal' if its in keeping with the area.

    We love going to the beach but theres not much to do for the kids.

    Rick Nash