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Sunday, 27 July 2014

More on Village Crest Revealed

Following our recent story regarding the Milford on Sea Village Crest, (click here to read) we have had an interesting reply from Bob Braid of the Milford on Sea Historical Record Society.

Bob, who is blighted with a similar sense of humour to my own, speculated with wry smile; "The bloke on the left actually has a pickaxe & represents the men who dug the network of smugglers tunnels around the village. The ship is a poor representation of a Viking long ship and refers to the great battle between the Saxons and Danes when the stream ran red with blood and from which Danestream gets its name. The crown refers to Charles 1 imprisonment at Hurst Castle on passage to his trial and execution in London. The flower is not a rose, but the elusive Milford Pimpernel, also known as Paddy's Pride, which used to grow on the cliffs, hence Paddy's Gap."  Mixing a few facts with some myths is a great way to create history!

Fortunately, he also has a more factual story. Bob explained that the Milford on Sea Village Crest first appeared on souvenir china in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. During those times, souvenir china was all the rage and it is extremely collectable today.

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Bob said; "The first pieces were sold in Mrs Christie's shop and then soon taken up by other village shops. (Christie's was firstly located opposite where Verveine now is, and later where New Seasons Florists are and next to the Post Office) 

As far as we know, and we are willing to be convinced otherwise, you could select your design from elements in a pattern book and we think it was dreamt up by Telford Stone, the printer and stationer in the village." 

Interestingly,  the Truro coat of arms has a remarkable resemblance to our own, which makes this final explanation all the more likely.

About Milford on Sea Historical Record Society

The Milford on Sea Historical Record Society was established in 1909 and exists to research local history and to preserve records of Milford on Sea and its neighbourhood.

The Society has a comprehensive collection of archival material in the forms of maps, photographs, books, recordings, transcripts of early records, microfiche and film and other specially compiled records and recollections. 

A programme of lectures is arranged each year and these are held on the last Thursday of January, March, May, September and November. All Meetings are held in All Saints Church Hall, Milford on Sea, commencing at 7.45 pm. Complimentary Coffee/Tea/Soft Drinks are available from 7.15 pm 

Annual Subscription is £8. Visitors are welcome at any lecture for a fee of £3.

For more information, please contact:

Chairman: Brian Giles 01590 644318 -
Vice Chairman: Chris Hobby 01590 645164 -
Hon Sec: Dinah LeMay
Keeper of the Archive:

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