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Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Millennium Clock Slides Down Wall

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The more observant villagers will have noticed that the Millennium Clock has moved. Others will be not be aware, and quite a few will be saying ‘No one told me about any Millennium Clock!?’
To celebrate the Year 2000, the village commissioned a village clock made by ‘Smiths of Derby’. This was erected above what is now Lymington Cat & Kitten Rescue shop in Milford on Sea High Street. The clock was located in the eaves of the building and it has to be said, off centre of the hub of the village.
Those that have seen it, may also have spotted that it has not worked for six of the years since installation, and finding a clock repairer with a 40ft ladder is pretty tricky.
The Parish Council created an initiative to deal with the issue, and led by Peter Jennions, started a fundraising campaign around 18 months ago to raise £3000 to refurbish and relocate the Millennium Clock. Thanks to generous donations from a number of villagers, the clock has now been moved down, giving it a good chance of being seen, it has also been adapted to illuminate at night.
Nice work, and thanks to everyone involved, yet another characterful feature for the village now glows in the dark.

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