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Thursday, 20 June 2013

Knees in Milford

Local village author, Frederick Webb (Alias; Archpip Plumtree) has published his second book.
Totally tongue in cheek and designed to amuse, his new work 'My Knee's are My Children', follows his first book 'The Zombie at the Sandy Palms Golf Club'.
The book is simply an attempt to generate amusement from decades of painful knees, a tongue in cheek account of the effect they had on every aspect of his life. The knees belong to the Archpip Plumtree, founder of the Plum Tree faith.
Archpip Plumtree (Fredrick) says: 'We should never let our infirmities dominate our lives, it is not British. And in an area where the retired outnumber the working, the dread disease of Premature Prunification is a special danger, it can cause an incurable disease which wrinkles the skin and kills the mind.'
Fredrick also has plans to create a 'Knees Blog'; The Nine O'clock Knees will go out every Friday at Nine PM, and incorporate the Knees of the World; and Kneesweek, plus Kneesflashes from kneeshounds all over the world.
Either of Frederick's books (My Knees are My Children | The Zombie at the Sandy Palms Golf Club) can be obtained from:

If you would like your copies signed, he is happy to do so, just call: 01590 642026


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