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Wednesday, 3 February 2021

Your thoughts on the Christmas Decorations

As it is just 3 questions, could you find the time to provide your feedback on this year's Christmas Decorations:

The volunteer organisers of this year's Milford on Sea Christmas Decorations would like to find out whether Milford was more Magical this Christmas?

Now that all of the Christmas decorations have been removed from the village, both Diana Brushwood and Tracy Haupt would very much like to hear your thoughts and comments on what worked well, what wasn’t so good and what you’d like to see this coming Christmas. 

The feedback is very important to this year’s planning, so please spend a few minutes completing the survey (Just 3 questions) by clicking here or if you prefer, email your comments and ideas to:

Planning for Christmas 2021 decorations will commence soon. For those who feel it’s too early for us to be having these discussions, please understand it all takes a lot of time, planning and discussion with many organisations, to get such an event organised. 

Thank you in advance for completing the survey – Diana and Tracy hope this year will be very different to last year and that we’ll all be able to enjoy a normal life very soon.

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