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Monday, 6 July 2020

For Want of a Groyne

Rachel Shattock dropped us a line to ask if we would publish her poem, we are always willing to help, so here we go:

As Rachel explains: It’s so upsetting to see the scale of the deterioration to the west of the White House. Milford’s last wooden beach huts are gone/going and the little shingle beach to the side of them is now completely washed away. The sea wall is cracked and broken in many places and the council appear to be doing nothing apart from fencing the area off, so locals and visitors can’t walk along the coastal path either. The lack of care and upkeep makes many of us sad and angry. And all for the want of a timely repair to a broken groyne!

For want of a good groyne the beach was lost 
For want of a beach the sea wall was lost 
For want of a good wall the frontline was lost
For want of a frontline the seafront was lost 
For want of a seafront Milford-on-Sea was lost 
And all for the want of a good groyne 


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