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Sunday, 21 June 2020

A Funny Bike Ride

Anyone who has been to a Comedy Night at Milford on Sea Community Centre, or who watched the Milford Comedy Night on YouTube last Thursday evening, will recognise Stephen Grant.

Stephen is an established comedian and the regular host of the Milford on Sea Comedy Nights.

Yesterday he set himself a goal attempting to cycle for the whole day. Stephen explains; "And by that I mean, I’ll start when the Sun comes up and finish when the Sun goes down. No particular reason why, other than the fact that I can."

So, leaving his home in Brighton as the sun come up he set out to see how far he could go in daylight. 

He made it to Norwich! - That’s 200 miles (323km), and finally got home by car 23 hours after he got up.  During the ride he averaged over 15mph and burnt over 10,000 calories!

He managed a final comment before bed; "The sun has just gone down so It’s done, and so am I." 

Not sure I would have been able to speak at all if I had tried that arduous adventure!

To see Stephen's journey in pictures, please click here.

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Stephen Grant

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