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Tuesday, 12 May 2020

It's hard here, it even harder in Nepal

Life in the UK is difficult for many, and with the crisis being worldwide there is also great unreported suffering. 

Freedom to Learn is a Milford on Sea based charity run by Joey & Mark Owen. The charity works to provide the opportunity of education to children from some of the remotest regions of the Himalayas and South Asia. 

The charity specifically supports families in Kushadevi, Nepal and the villagers haven’t even been able to access soap to prevent the spread of Coronavirus.

They also haven’t been able to work to earn enough for food or seeds to plant their crops - essential for year round income as many are subsistence farmers. As one of the local head teachers said last week: "We’re not sure what’s worse - the deadly spread of Covid-19 or or widespread famine from a prolonged Lockdown across rural Nepal.” 

With next to no support from government, they are really struggling. 

Joey and Freedom to Learn have set up a multi-level campaign support their students in Nepal during Lockdown

There is a Crowdfunder where people can directly and easily donate towards relief parcels, please click here 

There is a 2.6 Challenge where people can also have some fun while fundraising!, please click here to see the campaign poster.

You can follow their progress on their website or Facebook page.

The amazing Milford on Sea C of E Primary School family have also been doing some amazing fundraising for this cause. 

Kate Crawford (head teacher) sent pictures of some of their hard work. 
  1. First is Miss Walton running 26.2 miles last week
  2. 2nd is Mr Willis with his son riding 26km everyday
  3. 3rd is Miss Walker-Arnot with her two out running 2.6km every day
click image to enlarge
click image to enlarge

The school has had links with Kushadevi School in Nepal for a number of years. Aware that families and children are experiencing really challenging circumstances due to the Covid 19 Pandemic, they decided to take on some 2.6 challenges to raise much needed money for their friends in Nepal. 

The response from children and their families at home has been brilliant and shows incredible solidarity and support for our Global Neighbours

click image to enlarge
Children have taken on challenges such as running 26 minutes everyday for a week, cycling 26 km in a day, running 2.6 miles every day for a week. One little Reception child is running 26 laps of his garden every day.

The Keyworker Children that are presently at school have taken on completing a challenge every day for 2 weeks such as 26 skips, making 26 VE Day handprint flags, 26 weeds pulled up from the garden, 26 people at their VE Day Party

Staff have also challenged themselves by walking, running and cycling different distances.

If you would like to donate to this brilliant cause you can do by clicking here.

The school website also has more information, please click here


More about the charity

Freedom to Learn is a Milford on Sea based charity run by Joey & Mark Owen. The charity works to provide the opportunity of education to children from some of the remotest regions of the Himalayas and South Asia.

They do this by working collaboratively with local grass roots organisations as implementing partners. This structure is not only a legal requirement in Nepal and India, but also ensures that the work they do is locally and contextually relevant. It safeguards against wasted resources, increasing the prospect for sustained and significant impact for the communities they work with. Partners include “Rural Community Foundation Nepal” “Edulift” and “Sahasi Ketaketi” are all monitored and audited by both their National Governing Charities Body and by the Freedom to Learn team on the ground. And after working together since 2012, they know they do a fantastic job.

Freedom to Learn is also committed to raising public awareness about the importance of education and development work; facilitating and mentoring advocacy projects in both Nepal and the UK.

In many areas of the developing world education is key to lifting children and their families out of poverty. Providing adequate education is fundamental to helping young people and families gain independence and emotional and financial security, that we often take for granted.

To read the latest Freedom to Learn Newsletter; please click here

To find out more about Freedom to Learn and their work; please click here

You can help to give a child the Freedom to Learn

There are a number of ways in which individuals or organisations can help towards giving a child the freedom to learn:
  • By giving a one-off donation of your choice.
  • As a monthly donation of any amount, at your own discretion – every pound counts!
  • As a long term commitment of £10 per month for ten years. (£1,200 for a full education)

To find out moreplease click here. 

Freedom to Learn

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