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Friday, 1 May 2020

Clapping in the street for the NHS and more

Over the past weeks, residents across Milford on Sea have enthusiastically clapped on a Thursday night to show their appreciation for the all NHS Workers and Carers. Last week special consideration was also given to all the other services supporting us, in particular people still working in the village.

1st May 2020
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Last night there was another additional recipient of recognition, Captain Tom. Having done his sponsored garden walk he has not only raised in excess of £32m so far for the NHS, but yesterday also marked his 100th birthday. True British spirit in action!

We were also very pleased to receive two video's showing some villagers doing their tribute. Apparently, the bugler has promised to practice for next weeks clapping! :-)

Clapping in Sea Road
click image to see video

Clapping in Gillingham and Lucerne Roads
click image to see video

You can also see the videos as part of the Milford on Sea Villages on the Doorstep Album. Please click here to view.

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