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Monday, 4 May 2020

A message from The South Lawn Team

A message from Tim, Nikki and The South Lawn Team:

Hello Milford

The 5th edition of our At Home menu (see on link at bottom of page) may be our last edition prior to lockdown being eased. Who knows whats to come but whatever happens we remain dedicated to looking after you.

Whilst we have one eye on the lockdown being lifted we realise that it may also be some time before we have the pleasure of welcoming you back to the hotel. We are already working on a plan and we want you to know that when we are allowed to re-open our aim will be to provide you with an amazing dining experience that has absolute regard for the safety of us all. 

At South Lawn we relish a challenge and our team brain storming ideas yet again focus on adapting to the ever changing circumstances. Dining out is likely to be different for some time but that doesn't mean your experience will be any less enjoyable. Once the parameters are defined by the Government we will start our preparations which are likely to include a redesign of layout, layup and service standards. 

We also know that many of you may not wish to venture out for all sorts of reasons and it has been a pleasure looking after a new customer base that is hoping we will continue our At Home service after all this becomes a distant memory. It will come as no surprise to you that we have deliveries every day to local residents who irrelevant to Coronavirus find it difficult to get out.

We have one lady who's son lives afar and he ordered her lunch for Easter Sunday as a treat. She called us on the Monday asking how she could continue to order from us. This lady was not confident to pay over the phone and neither did she have any cash in the house. We offered to set her up an account but she was concerned how she would clear it.

We took it upon ourselves to call her son to explain and he spoke with Mum who now has a daily meal from us on account which he settles each Monday. We think there are many more people who worry about modern payment methods who are missing out, if you know somebody like this why not speak to them or a relative. It could make a huge difference to them.

Thank you 

Tim, Nikki and The Team

To see South Lawn Hotel's latest takeaway/delivery menu: please click here.

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