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Saturday, 21 March 2020

Smugglers generous giveaway soup, meals & beer!

An update from the Suzy, Guy and all the smugglers team:

Even though the doors are closed - our hearts are open. We want to thank everyone for supporting us over the recent weeks and all the long years we have been here. We have the most amazing customers and even more amazing staff - and we will be back open fully as soon as it is safe and advised to do so.

In the meantime we would like to let you know of the following: 

We always have lots of soup available, and we will be making more over the next few days.  We would like anyone who needs it to come and collect some for free. We would ideally like this to go to the vulnerable and elderly. So if you know of someone - or if you need it please bring a container and we will fill it. We can supply hot or cold. Please be responsible and we will give out reasonable amounts to people. This is FREE - but we will be have a charity box out for Oakhaven Hospice - so a donation would be appreciated - but not necessary.

At times like this we rely on a special group of people to go and do what some of us would not dare to. We want to say thank you - and we will provide a FREE meal to anyone who brings in their NHS or Carer badge or equivalent. This is not food that is going to waste - it is fresh and off our menu. One meal per person per day.

Yes ! if you've read this far then you deserve a beer. We have Real Ale that we will not sell, and we do not like waste. So we will give you FREE BEER a maximum of 8 pints per person. Please call the pub - and book your beer . One visit per day per person until its gone. This is FREE - but we will be have a charity box out for Oakhaven Hospice - so a donation would be appreciated - but not necessary.

We will be offering our full menu as a take away while stocks last. So please call us - ideally we would like you to bring a plate or container and we will plate is up for you. Take away orders at 25% discount. Simply call 01590 644414 and we will do whatever we can to keep you fed.

FISH & CHIPS or SCAMPI & CHIPS - Free Bottle of Wine
We will offer 2 large fish & chips or Scampi and chips with a free bottle of wine for £23 while stock last.

Please call the pub on 01590 644414 for any of the above. If you need to remain in the car we can accommodate. 

Many Thanks  - and look after yourselves,

Suzy, Guy and all the smugglers team xx

Editors note: What generous offers and true community spirit. Thanks Suzy and Guy.

The Smugglers Inn
High Street, Milford on Sea, SO41 0QE
01590 644414 

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