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Wednesday, 15 May 2019

Lonely Bouquets from Milford Floral Art Club

On Friday 3rd May, Milford Floral Art Club (on National Flower Arranging Day) joined in the project for using “Lonely Bouquets” to bring a little pleasure to others and in so doing spread the “fun and friendship” through flowers that the members of NAFAS enjoy. 

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Around fourteen of the clubs' members met up at All Saints’ Church Hall in Milford and, armed with flowers, foliage and empty food cans, most of which had been decorated with ribbon, wool, raffia, wrapping paper etc, and set about making small posies to be distributed around the village. In all they made around 90!!

Once finished, and whilst some of the ladies set about distributing their posies around the village, the rest took a large proportion of them down to the beach in order to get some good photographs, using the beach as a backdrop. It was a lot of fun – people were astonished to see them, and were delighted to be given a posy to take away with them. 

The club has received quite a bit of feedback from those who found the posies, by phone, email and on the Club Facebook page – these are some of those messages: 

“I received your lovely flowers from a neighbor. It was a lovely thought from you and her.” 

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“Yesterday morning we were walking along towards the village and as we approached a bench on our way we thought someone must have left something behind. Then we saw the card saying ‘please take me home’. We thought at first it must be a trap. Would it explode if we lifted it, or would it trigger a hidden gun or CCTV? Couldn’t believe it was actually a free gift, so very grateful we took it home as requested, and now it is residing on a fine silver tray. The flowers have now opened and look terrific.” 

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“I just want to say thank you so much and what a lovely idea leaving delightful posies of flowers around the village. It's quite brightened my day.” 

“We arrived back from shopping to be greeted by a beautiful little “lonely bouquet” on our boundary wall. What a rare treat to receive this pink bouquet on your special National Flower Arranging Day, thank you and thank you again, you have made my day!” 

“Hello, I have just found this delightful flower arrangement at the entrance to the play park” 

“Brilliant idea, brilliant flowers – a joy.”

Milford Floral Art Club 

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