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Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Ever considered playing Kurling?

Have you ever considered playing Kurling? Nope, me neither.

Mike Walsh has written as he would like to let folks around the area know that there is a good fun Kurling Klub now up and running in New Milton.

They started earlier this year and have a regular enthusiastic group that go to play, and the group now have space to welcome more people.

Please do go along either alone, or with some friends, and have a go (First session free). Normal fee is simply £3.50 per session including a coffee, tea and biscuits.

See the club's video - click here

Kurling is a sport where you competitively aim for a target as part of a team. Skill can come to the fore but so far fun and friendship outweighs any firm desire to win. The group aim to have a relaxed but great time and the club is open to all. They have able-bodied players, less able-bodied players; some are wheelchair users and some are sight or hearing impaired - in fact a right mix of folks!

Kurling Klub: Tuesdays from 2pm to 4pm at the New Milton Memorial Centre. Contact or just go along 01425 615 923 -

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