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Friday, 30 September 2016

Have you been to the Everton Farmers' Market?

A local resident, and a regular customer since it began,  wrote to us recently about the New Forest Farmer's Market held in Everton Nurseries car park each first Saturday of the month. 

Christine writes: “Each First Saturday of the month a group of stalls appear in the car park at Everton Nurseries with a wide range of local produce. Fresh meat, sausages and pies from near Lyndhurst, Honey from the Forest, freshly baked cakes, a tempting bread stall from near Ringwood and a double sized stall of colourful vegetables, salads, potatoes etc. all beautifully displayed and very tempting. Carrots and beetroot of all hues create attractive dishes when cooked, and among the greenery the fascinating and tasty Romanesco. ( For the mathematically minded, apparently the spirals follow the same logarithmic sequence as the Fibonacci sequence as taught in schools). Sometimes there are other stalls of cards or soap etc. Then after filling their bags, very often neighbours and friends are comparing their purchases and exchanging news over a cup of coffee in the Garden Cafe. A good morning out and way of supporting our local producers.” 

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Anything that involves food sounds good to me, so why not pop along at the beginning of next month to support our local producers.

PS: you can find all the dates in

Everton Nurseries
Lymington Road, Everton, Near Lymington, SO41 0JZ
01590 642155

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