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Sunday, 15 June 2014

Padlock Heart: Voting Results

The people of Milford on Sea have spoken!

The reaction to the idea of the Love Milford Padlock Heart was as divided as expected, and it was interesting to read all of the views left in the survey, or sent directly to us, whether for or against. (If you have not yet read about the living sculpture idea, please click here.)

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Some opinions were scathing, some loved the idea, many were polite with considered views either way, others offered alternative ideas, and a handful hadn't read the details of the proposal properly. 

A couple of people commented that the survey allowed multiple votes, however we are able to identify and discount multiple voting from the same IP Address.

Whether for or against, it is clear that people really care about the village and quite rightly never want to lose the things that make it special.

Whilst there appears to be a small minority who want no change in the village, a significant number of people appear to be prepared to consider appropriate proposals for additions being made by this generation. Whether this is an 'appropriate proposal' is the question we are about to answer.

The survey was launched in the Village News Bulletin which is e-mailed to 2290 villagers e-mail's addresses, from the 5000 or so residents in our community. (If you would like, but do not currently get the News Bulletin, you can register by sending your e-mail address to:

Voting Comments-1
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As the MoS News website gets over 14,000 page views a month, it is fair to assume that a good proportion of the community have heard or read of this proposal.

In total; 207 people voted in the survey, which represents 9% of the News Bulletin recipients, and over 4% of the total village community.

The voting could not have been closer!, and this is the result:

Yes: 101 (48.8%)
No: 104 (50.2%)
Don't Know: 2 (1%)

Voting Comments-2
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Interestingly, up until the second round of voting (following the reminder in the newsletter), 150 votes had been cast and the 'Yes Vote' had been leading by 52%

Of all of the voters 104 (49%) chose to leave a comment. These showed numerous mixed views, and it is perhaps not surprising that more people that were 'anti the idea' chose to leave a remark.

All of the comments can be read on the attached images. (Be warned, some are not for the faint-hearted!)
Voting Comments-3
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So, what next. Well, we have a small majority of people (3) against the concept of the Love Milford Padlock Heart, and there are also almost as many in favour.

Under the circumstances, we think it best to put the idea to bed. The Padlock Heart project is only worth pursuing if it creates warmth and affection, and it totally defeats the purpose if it causes division.

Ah well, it was worth a go, and if you voted, thanks for sharing your views.

As the Love Milford Padlock Heart bites the dust, Food Week would now like to use part of our budget to support the idea of a new War Memorial with the Hospital grounds by pledging £500 to the fund.

Now onto the next project! - hopefully everyone will be behind this one. (But don't think we will vote on it!)Roll on Love Milford Week:

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