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Saturday, 7 June 2014

Is Your Heart in Milford?

Asking people if they love Milford on Sea is probably a daft question. A fabulous location, vibrant village, a lively community, and great food... what is there not to love!

Love Milford Week was recently launched to celebrate our village next February, and the organisers also have another idea. We would like to have a modern living sculpture where everyone can demonstrate their affection for the village and love of each other.

At the end of this article we would like you to let us know what you think by voting.

I suspect it is important to everyone that the unique character of our village is not compromised. We agree, yet at the same time it is also important to demonstrate that we are a vibrant community that celebrates today as well as cherishing the past.

The Love Milford Padlock Heart has three key objectives:
  1. To create a Tourist Attraction to attract visitors to the village.
  2. To boost trade in our village shops.
  3. To create an interesting living sculpture for villagers to enjoy.

    click image to enlarge
    The idea is simple, anyone can add a padlock with a written message to the heart sculpture. This will provide people with the opportunity to show their love & affection for the village or to each other. 

    The Love Milford Padlock Heart would become a tourist attraction, and place for local and visitors to enjoy.

    Importantly, it would also draw people to stop in the village centre, and increase the footfall of potential shoppers for our village shops. A small additional benefit would also be people visiting shops to purchase ‘Padlock & Pen Sets’, which Food Week would organise.

    I am sure everyone would agree that the village shops are the heart of our community, and that we should do all we can to support them.

    The 'love padlock' idea is not new, but it is certainly different! In fact we are looking to base our design on the living sculpture pictured, which is in Deauville, France.

    Food Week aim to donate the ‘Love Milford Padlock Heart’ to the village. All costs associated with the design, manufacture, installation and regular maintenance would be covered by Milford on Sea Food Week. The heart would be locally made in a material suitable for our seaside climate.

    The Parish Council are aware of the project and are of the opinion that they approve of the concept, subject to the final location, design and specification. 

    If you have been to major cities like Paris, Prague, Cologne, Tokyo, Dublin and many more, you may have seen the Love Locks attached to bridges in public places (click here for more information). Our concept is a twist on the theme, and would be something unique for a UK village to do.

    Still to be decided: Potential locations have yet to be considered in full, however it would not be situated on the Village Green. To ensure the village shops benefit from the increased footfall, it is important that the 'living sculpture' is close to the village centre. Also to be decided at a later stage are the final size, colour and material.

    Right now we just need to know if village residents would like to see a living sculpture where everyone can display their affection for the village and each other.

    So, it is now over to the people of Milford on Sea.

    Please let us know your opinion. If you like the idea, your vote may make it happen, and if you don't, you can put the crazy idea to bed!

    By not voting, you not get something you think will enhance this wonderful village, no doubt the people who do not want it will be most vocal. 

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