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Saturday, 29 March 2014

Milford Weather Watch

Standing on the seafront I often see irritatingly fit people striding or even running along Hurst Spit.

On a number of occasions I have even been forced by my wife to make the journey, on the basis that it will apparently 'do me good'. I am not clear on how walking 1.5 miles (or for younger people 2.5km) on shifting pebbles does me good, - but I do know that refusing would certainly not end well for me.

Always unprepared, it is guaranteed that I will be wearing unsuitable shoes to ensure the soles of my feet end up looking like I have been walking on hot coals for an hour or so. Why people do not simply take the enjoyable and picturesque Hurst Ferry from Keyhaven Harbour straight to Hurst Castle I am never sure.

Solar powered cameras at
Hurst Castle
click image to enlarge
Actually arriving at Hurst Castle is always a pleasure and relief in equal measure, the castle is every changing with what is happening inside, and their is always something new to discover that has been there for centuries. Better still the café serves cake.

Since being breached and reduced to a small rockery after the violent Valentine's Night Storm, the spit is now restored to its full glory and those with a masochistic streak can once again accept the walking challenge. Those who wear flip flops can also see if they can make it to the castle before their feet shred to pieces.

I myself have no immediate plans to go in any other way than by ferry.

I even have the option to easily check out what is happening at Hurst Castle without leaving my PC.  Hurst Castle has solar powered cameras that relay the scene 24 hours a day. You can see what is going on right now from the link below. I can even see what is happening in and around Hurst Castle in stormy weather, I may even catch a glimpse of a mad walker battling the wind and rain, as I sit and watch with a scotch & coke with a bag of pork scratchings.

Solar powered cameras at
Needles Lighthouse
click image to enlarge
The Needles Lighthouse also has a new web camera, it is mounted on the outermost of the chalk rocks near sea level. The camera and weather station are 100% solar powered and uses a 3G data network connection for transmitting the images.

The camera operates from Dawn to Dusk 7 days a week and updates its images every 20 minutes - click here to take a look at The Needles Lighthouse camera.

My wife has just suggested that as it is nice today, we should take a walk this afternoon. I think I feel a migraine and limp coming on.

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