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Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Sean Cracks Marathon

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Our local assistant solicitor at Hugh Whitlock Solicitors, Sean Reeves, has taken a break from the office and organising a number of Milford on Sea events, to recently complete the London Marathon.  Thanks of course in no small part to my unique training advice.
As you will see from the pictures, Sean did not listen to all I taught him, as it appears that he has actually decided to run all of the way. He also ignored all of the bus routes and underground lines that I had meticulously planned for him to complete the course without sweating.
However, my personalised training programme kicked in a bit later, as you can see in picture two. I always say that the energy taken in drinking a pint of beer in 30 seconds is equivilent to a two mile run.  I am unable explain why the girl next to him is playing patience, but I expect that Sean may have been attempting to talk to her.
Sean completed the London Marathon in a respectable time of 4 hours 29 mins.  Whilst not quite the time he had trained for, no one had anticipated that it would be such a glorious day, after many hours of winter training around the zero mark.
Sean recalls that he hit 'the wall' at around 15 miles, and just after 26 miles he hit the bar.
Sean said: "My feet suffered an awful lot in the heat and I could feel every step, but I completed it which was the main thing. The crowds were amazing I have never had so many people scream and shout my name (it is estimated that there was in excess of 850,000 in the crowds!) they certainly kept me going when I was at the low points of the race."
You can see more of Sean's marathon pictures by clicking here and typing 'reeves' and then select 'Virgin London Marathon 2013'.
Having got the running bug, Sean's next challenge is the New Forest Marathon, shortly followed by the Bournemouth Marathon. He has also just entered the ballot for next years' London Marathon. (That is a lot of training beer to drink in the coming months.)
Finally, Sean wants to say a big thank you everyone who kindly sponsored him to raise in excess of £3,300 for charity. The money is being donated for Spinal Research (281325) and if you would like to add any more to his total, please click here.

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