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Friday, 10 May 2013

Anyone for the Dordogne?

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I have discovered that a well-known and popular Milford on Sea local resident, Richard Poole, has some rather nice properties for holidays in the Dordogne.

Being almost French myself, I am of course an expert on anything to do with France. Some of you will know me to be fluent in my special version of the language, and partial to a frogs leg baguette.

Having emigrated on more than one occasion to Deauville, (my wife’s only regret is that I kept coming back with her), I can confidently say that the Dordogne is worth a visit, not just for the spectacular scenery, but also the French food, and of course the great local wines. Some people even get involved in the many outdoor pursuits, but I much prefer activities that simply involve a parasol and a glass.

Richard is a qualified surveyor and also a sponsor of the Milford on Sea Arts & Music Festival. He is also a supporter of our excellent village restaurants, and I am sure when he regularly visits the Dordogne area, he takes the opportunity to see if the local food they serve can match ours. I bet they lose on the variety on offer!

Having taken a peak at the website, it is clear that each of Richard’s houses have been renovated to a fine standard, and that the properties looks welcoming and comfortable with all mod cons and naturally the much needed swimming pool for the summer.

If you fancy taking a look or even going on holiday, please visit:

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