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Sunday, 4 March 2012

Boat needed for Carnival

The Seahorses Playgroup have been persuaded to join the Carnival procession this year but there's some little legs (and some bigger ones)  that can't walk too far – so they are hoping to enter as the Milford on Sea Sailing team (incorporating Pirates, Mermaids, Seahorses and all other marine related characters). 

However, they need to borrow a boat.  Just a small one, tender sized, and preferably on a trailer as it will be parent-powered rather than towed by a vehicle. 

Could any of our readers help?  They fully insured and won't be taking it to sea!

If you can lend a boat, please contact: Jan Rook: 07801 624324 – (Seahorses Community Baby & Toddler Group)

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