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Saturday, 21 May 2016

A Thriller at Hurst Castle

A new thriller book, 'The Hurst Chronicles' has been written by a local author Robin Crumby, and it is and based in and around Hurst Castle.

Better still, a free copy of the Kindle version of the 'The Hurst Chronicles' can be downloaded absolutely free for 48 hours from today (Sat 21st May). To get your free copy, please click here.

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Extract from the book; The survivors of the Millennial Virus now face a much greater danger: each other. 

Civilization has collapsed following the outbreak of a pandemic virus that devastated the world’s population. Those that survive scrape a living in remote outposts. Hiding behind high walls, far away from the smoking ruins of the cities, waiting, hoping. 

At the end of the world, surrounded by the tidal waters of the Solent, Hurst Castle stands alone. Its seventy-four occupants united in a struggle for survival against all the odds. The Millennial Virus is the least of their concerns.

When the arrival of outsiders threatens to tip the balance of power, Hurst is faced with a desperate choice: set aside their differences and join an alliance that promises new hope or unite against the newcomers and their plans for reconstruction. Who can be trusted? Only time will tell.

The battle for Hurst has begun.

If you've ever read 'Day of the Triffids' or 'The Road' or 'The Hunger Games', you'll probably like this. So even if you're vaguely curious now's your chance!

The Hurst Chronicles 
by Robin Crumby
click here for your copy

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