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Friday, 1 April 2016

Learn How to Make Cats Milk Cheese in Food Week

Discover how to make cheese from the milk of your own pet cat on Friday at Food Week. 

Professor Joe Kerr, from the Feline Dairy Research Department based at Southampton University will reveal his delicious Catzarella Cheese discovery.

This will be followed by his colleague Dr Oh Ubinad providing you with a taste, and showing you how to make this unique cats milk cheese at home.
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Free Event - Don't come along! 

Date & Venue: 1st April 2016 - Up until 12 noon in Phantom Hall

When asked whether he would be stocking the Catzarella Cheese, Paul Holland our excellent local village grocer of Hollands of Milford said: "Will you stop coming into my shop, you and your stupid ideas are driving me insane."

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