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Wednesday, 5 August 2015

What’s next for Milford Seafront?

Residents and visitors to Milford on Sea will have the chance to view and comment on design ideas for the replacement of 119 beach huts for Milford on Sea at a public event on Friday 14 August 2015

New Forest District Council and the design team appointed to the project will be on hand to explain options for the design and layout of the huts and the lower promenade at Milford Community Centre between midday and 8pm. 

Visitors to the event will see plans showing three options for the layout of the huts on the promenade. Three possible designs illustrating how the huts might look will also be displayed. People will be invited to comment on the layout and design options and the contribution that the new structures might make to the seafront. The designs and layouts will be available for people to drop in and view throughout the afternoon. The design team will also give a presentation on the proposals and take questions at three points during the afternoon.

Paul Bulkeley, Managing Director of Snug Architects, will lead the event. “The opportunity for us to discuss our ideas with users of Milford seafront and hear their views and priorities at this early stage will give us a broader understanding of the issues and help us deliver a design that reflects their needs,” commented Paul. “It’s also an important opportunity for us to discuss the constraints on the project, from the challenging environmental conditions to the limitations of space and budget.”

The council’s portfolio holder for the environment, Councillor Sophie Beeton, said “I know there has been lively discussion locally about the future of the promenade, so I hope people will take this early opportunity to meet the design team, express their views and learn more about the project and the design process.” 

The designers are expected to present detailed design options to a panel of councillors, officers and beach hut owners’ representatives in early autumn. The panel will decide which option will be developed to be taken forward as a planning application.

Drop in between midday and 8pm at Milford on Sea Community Centre, Sea Road, SO41 0PH

Design presentation followed by question and answer sessions at:

1.00pm – 1.45pm
3.00pm – 3.45pm
5.30pm – 6.15pm

If you would like to express your views, you can do it here:


  1. I have got quite used to the nice clear promenade without the encumbrance of people and their Beach Huts. Lets leave it like it is - so much cleaner and pleasant, save all the public money to be spent on new huts, but add a third and fourth colour to the barrier!

  2. I agree it looks good but who's going to reimburse the hut owners or do you expect them to loose out on a few k's each?

    1. Yes - you win some you loose some. Anything you buy is at your risk, the huts were wrecked by a natural event so 'act of god' applies
      Sorry about that!

  3. Surely they were insured for total loss, if not then they carry the loss