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Saturday, 6 September 2014

Loving Cheese in Milford

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An interview with Mandy Black, of Milford on Sea cake maker Elmsleigh Cakes, featured in an article in the latest September edition of the Solent Life magazine.

As Mandy is a talented cake maker in the village it may be natural to assume that the two page spread would be full of yummy sweet treats, chocolate delights and moist sponge pictures, but not this time..., as I was preparing to lick the pictures on the pages, I discovered the story was about Cheese Towers!

These savoury towers are created by Mandy as a fantastic focal point for any celebration you may have. (Wedding, Birthday, Random Celebration or perhaps even a divorce!)

Mandy works in conjunction with Paul at Holland's of Milford to provide a choice from hundreds of artisan cheeses. As you many imagine, not only does the tower feed your guests, but it also becomes quite a talking point at your event. A Cheese Tower, also supplied with pickles and crackers can easily cater for up to 80 hungry cheese lovers.
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Mandy's decorating skills come into their element when she adds fresh fruit, edible or non edible decorations, flowers and more, she can also provide all the trimmings to go with your tower with baskets of crackers and breads.
Keeping the trade in Milford on Sea village, Mandy has also teamed with our local and award winning pickle supplier Spice 'n' Easy for that additional special touch.
Personally, I could do great damage to one of these towers. I would happily sit on my own munching through the stack accompanied by a bottle or two of Port. Sadly, my 'you have had enough' radar is broken, so I would only know when to stop when I slide off the chair and can no longer reach the cheese.
However... much as I enjoy savoury, cake is of course my first love. Correction second. (My Wife says unless I put her a first I will get a kick in the groin and no dinner tonight.)
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Having tasted Mandy's bespoke hand-crafted cakes, I can happily say she is great at both sweet and savoury.

You can find home-baked cakes and lardy breads from Elmsleigh in Holland's of Milford, and they can be purchased by the slice or ordered as a full cake, or if you pop into The Raft, you can treat yourself to a slice along with a coffee.

Whilst writing this I have been dreaming about cakes, but My Wife refused to go out and get me one, so I had to make do with some biscuits as I hit the keyboard.

It also worth mentioning Nicola of Yum, who also creates excellent cakes from her kitchen in Milford on Sea. (The amazing chocolate fudge cake is my favourite!) You can never have too many cake makers I say! 

If you are looking for cakes, or would like to try a Cheese Tower, you can get in touch with Mandy or Nicola below - go on, indulge yourself!

Elmsleigh Cakes
Mandy Black
07914 586441

Yum Cakes
Nicola Goode

Hollands of Milford
49 High Street, Milford on Sea, SO41 0QG

Claire Lee
01590 645646

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