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Friday, 18 April 2014

We know what's coming!

Psst, can you keep a secret?

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A little bird has told us that a ladies clothing boutique and gallery will be opening in the village on the 28th June.

The new shop will be on the site of the old 'Salad Bowl' at 1 Church Hill, Milford on Sea, next to The Cave.

The previously dilapidated building has undergone an impressive and complete transformation by new owner Alan Jupe of AA Jupe Developments. The shop is now a credit to the village, and a nice welcome as people arrive at the village green.

Alan with not be running the clothing boutique, as builders and ladies clothing are not a natural fit.

The new boutique and gallery is going to be called Moss on the Green and run by Trish Ray, Trish is a keen artist and she is also passionate about fashion, so what better than to combine her two passions.

There you go, you now know a secret, but don't tell anyone!

Moss on the Green
1 Church Hill, Milford on Sea, SO41 0QH
01590 64386 (To be confirmed) (Coming soon)

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