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Thursday, 20 October 2011

Fred Dine(age)s at Verveine

A little bird spotted Fred Dineage (MBE) and his lovely wife dining at Verveine last Saturday lunchtime. Fred is of course one of the longest-serving broadcasters on ITV.  He was the front man for the coverage of two Olympic Games, and today of course is the main host of Meridian Tonight.

Many of us will remember Fred from when he presented 'HOW?', the longest- running children's programme on TV.  Fred was a host from 1966 to 1981, and responsible for me learning numerous, and mostly useless facts, during my childhood.

Quick Quiz: Do you remember the names of the other hosts on ‘HOW?’ (Answers below)

My guess is Fred was attracted to Milford on Sea, on hearing that Verveine Fishmarket Restaurant was the winner of both the Hampshire Life ‘Restaurant of the Year’, and by David Wykes being the ‘Chef of the Year.’

Ironically, last weekend David had a bit of a drama and was rushed into hospital with a septic hernia. Following his operation I sent Dave a text; "Septic Hernia?  Didn't I see you reading a recipe for that last week."  Sadly, I am unable to print his reply.  During David's recupperation, Stacey had to step in to head up the kitchen for a number of sittings, and she still managed to get a five star rating from a diner on Trip Advisor.

Anyway, back to Fred. I wonder if when Jackie told him that Verveine make their own corned beef, wouldn’t it have been lovely if Fred had simply replied: “HOW?”

Quick Quiz Answer: Jack Hargreaves, Bunty James, Jon Miller & Fred Dineage.

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