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Friday, 1 May 2020

Pay it forward with Ray's Italian Kitchen

Ray’s Italian Kitchen has launched its “pay it forward’ crowdfunding project as a way of continuing to trade in these uncertain times.

This project will allow you to buy gift vouchers in advance, enabling Ray’s to mitigate immediate cashflow issues caused by these unprecedented times.

Stacey said: "I am just being realistic, it is becoming clear to me and I’m sure most of you, that the world is going to be a very different place in the future. None of us could have ever imagined we would be locked down in our homes etc due to a dangerous/potentially fatal virus ever in our lifetimes. I appreciate that everyone has their own journey in this, however for just 2 minutes of your time I’m reaching out to each and everyone of you to seek a pledge, not for free but for a redeemable voucher to cash in some time next year when the restaurant is back to its full operation. The reality of any restaurant opening its doors in this situation are not only slim but some would say irresponsible/reckless due to the nature of what we are dealing with.

"Every single one of you could make a difference, most of you dine at Ray’s Italian on a regular basis and I hope that you would like to continue to do so on the other side of this also. I am not asking for anyone to pledge hundreds, just £10 would be amazing and would just help to keep the wolf away so to speak if enough of you pledge. 

Please spread the word to anyone whom you think would be interested in helping Ray’s Italian Kitchen survive this crisis." 

"I would also like to thank all of you whom have supported the takeaway service I have been offering throughout this difficult time and I hope that you will continue to do so for as long as it takes. I feel blessed to live where I live and grateful that we have such a supportive community. Stay safe and thank you from the bottom of my heart."

If you would like to support Ray’s Italian Kitchen in this way please click here.


To see Ray's Take Away/Delivery Menu: please click here.

Ray’s Italian Kitchen
11 High Street, Milford on Sea, SO41 0QF
01590 645300

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