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Saturday, 28 November 2015

Get Out Your Bra's Girls

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The Community Centre are supporting a bra recycling scheme which also helps Breast Cancer Charities.

BCR collect and send old bra's to developing countries to be sold in local markets. This makes them more accessible and affordable, and also supports their local economy. Any bra's donated which are past re-use are recycled.

BCR weigh all of the bras received, and give £1 per kilo to Breast Cancer Charities.

Women in developing countries are seen to have prestige if they are wearing a bra. Bras are in short supply, and are expensive, therefore most women don’t own one. It is reported that women wearing a bra are less likely to be raped, as they are seen to have prestige or come from a more affluent background.

The Community Centre now have a ‘Bra Bank’ collection point in the Community Centre Centre, so clearing out your bra drawer now has a whole new meaning. Someone’s rags could literally become another’s riches, so sort out your bra's girls.

Editors Note: Has anyone considered collecting blokes old pants?

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