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Tuesday, 7 April 2015

New Beach Hut Design Idea

Beach Huts | Grand Hotel, Swanage
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Whatever your view, the beach huts on Milford on Sea seafront have been approved to be re-built. So, what now appears most important is to make the seafront look great and accessible for all.

We understand the beach hut design is currently under some lengthy tendering process, and we know that there are numerous constraints in building something on the same footprint and not increasing the height.

Recently a reader made us aware of the new beach huts being built at The Grand Hotel in Swanage. Their concept is very swanky inside, but outside there is little real difference.

The glass doors with roller shutter protection looks a great concept, but may not be possible due to the cost involved and practicalities.

However, and it is a big however, they have one design idea we strongly believe we should nick! 

Having seen the design there is a great solution to the beach huts being 'a barrier' to the sea view, it also resolves the beach hut roofs being an 'eyesore' from the land side - and like most great ideas it is really simple - Make the beach hut roofs into part of the promenade! 

Quite simply, making the roofs into viewing platforms would look great, and enable people to be able walk out onto the roofs to enjoy the spectacular sea view.

Cost wise, the barriers will be needed anyway (would be nice if they were stylish), and strengthening the roofs and building a step and ramp connection to the promenade would be minimal in the scheme of things.

This may also enable the beach huts to be moved back a couple of feet, filling the ridiculous and dangerous gaps currently behind the huts. In moving the beach huts back, the promenade in front of them also becomes wider and a happier place for all to enjoy.

No doubt someone in authority will quickly say that, it is too late now, there is no ventilation for the rear of the hut (Grill in steps would resolve that), and then add another number of other bureaucratic reasons why it can't be done - But... no matter how late, the reality is, if this is best for the village then the idea needs to be seriously considered. After all, today's decision will last decades and life tells me that 'where there is a will, there is always a way'. 

Hopefully someone in authority or influence out there will recognise that this could be a massive improvement to Milford on Sea seafront, and then have the will and determination to make it a reality.

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