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Sunday, 22 June 2014

Trouble Opening News Bulletin?

Occasionally we hear from people who are unable to get the 'Link Buttons' to work in the weekly village e-News Bulletin.

We fully understand the temptation to resolve the problem with several hits of a hammer, but in our experience this does not solve the issue, although it does make you feel a lot better.

Each week the 'Enjoy Milford on Sea News Bulletin' goes to over 2200 people, and each month one or two people may have an issue of some sorts. Normally, it is after they have had a new computer.

All Websites are 'black & white', they either work or they don't. - However, e-mails are a completely different story, as they can be constructed in different ways, and any PC could have any of myriad of operating systems, and then to confuse further, each user's settings will vary.

Our News Bulletin is built in a language called 'HTML' which enables us to use images as well as text and it the normal code used by millions daily.

So, if you have issues opening the links in 'New Bulletin', or if comes through looking a bit strange, it is most likely to be a local setting on your PC. Trouble is, identifying exactly what is more difficult! - It could be your Pop up Blocker setting, a security setting or something else! -  but as we are not PC experts, we are just guessing.

The good news is that you can still read the news at any time by going to the website:

If you wanted to open the 'Enjoy Milford on Sea News' Website regularly, (depending on which internet browser you are using), you could either ‘Save it to Your Favourites’, 'Save as an Opening Page' or right click to ‘Pin the Tab’ - Then, when you get a News Bulletin, you could simply go to the website to catch up with the latest articles.

Should you also have issues with other e-mail you receive, or other odd things happen, you could also try out below:

The Village Voice has an advert from Polly, a local person who can visit to help with your home computing, she advertises no job too small and also offers discounts for OAP's.

Polly King-Holford on 01590 681882 or 07793 982062 -

Hope this has helped a bit.

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