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Thursday, 2 May 2013

Let’s Go Caving

My wife has received an invitation to a preview, before the official opening, of The Cave.
Her invitation originally said; ‘My wife and partner are invited to…..’, but the partner bit had been rather enthusiastically crossed out.
My wife denied having anything to do with the obliteration.

I waited until she went out, and after two hours of searching for every pen in the house, and then matching the ink to the scribble, I had to accept that she may be innocent on this occasion.

Fortunately I am not a sensitive soul, and I guess that Jon & Stacey's little baby Sam had been scribbling on it.
The Cave will be officially opening next Wednesday (8th May) and is the unique creation of Jon & Stacey Crouch. The new family owned Independent Wine Shop and Bar looks pretty exciting and I am sure will be worth calling into as soon as the doors open.
With their track record of building successful hospitality businesses in and around Milford on Sea, I having no doubt that Jon & Stacey, and new manager James Jewell, would love to see you, even if they have ‘forgotten’ to invite me to the preview.
Invited or not, I fully intend to gate crash, so watch this space to see what happens!

The Cave
2 Church Hill, Milford on Sea, SO41 0QH
Tel: 01590 642195

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