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Tuesday, 20 August 2019

Success for First Wellness Walk

The first local 'Walk for Wellness' took place last Monday (19th August) and it was a great success, so much so that Melissa is going to make it a regular event.

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About 10 people turned up to walk and an extra 2 came to say they couldn’t walk today but were very interested in coming another time. To start there was a brief introduction and everyone introduced themselves. Then, after some gentle mobilisation exercises the group went to Keyhaven Harbour and returned back to Community Centre Community Cafe via Sturt pond. People went at different paces and many did a few stretches of fast walking to get heart rates up (some even jogged).

To finish there was some post walk stretches with almost everyone staying after for some coffee and chat. 

The purpose of the regular free sessions is to help people of any age keep fit, as well as to have some fun social interaction doing what is generally acknowledged as a very effective health improver. While the group is exercising there will be the opportunity to pick Melissa’s brains and to discuss health generally, nutrition and exercise – and of course just have a good old natter and some socialising. 

The actual walks/jogs run for about an hour (covering approx. 3 miles for the walkers). All abilities and beginners welcome and those that want to try to jog will be given some targets to reach. 

There was a keen interest to run sessions regularly and Melissa now plans to lead:
  • 10am Mondays: Walk for Wellness and
  • 10am Wednesdays: Jog for Joy
Meet outside Needles Eye Cafe (Beach side) - (Walkers and runners are welcome to both.) 
These new sessions start from Wednesday 28th August. (No walk on BH Monday 26th August.).

About Melissa

Melissa Page moved to Milford on Sea village in May last year and she has been regularly volunteering in the Community Centre Café. She would now like to use her particular skills in doing more for people in the village.

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Melissa was a lawyer for 20 years before deciding to follow her passion for fitness and retrain as an accredited personal trainer. As a fairly inactive child and young adult Melissa, in an attempt to lose weight for her wedding, took up running and quickly became a dedicated gym bunny. She has run 4 marathons, the last of which she finished in 3 hours 37 minutes (coming 10th in her age group). Before moving to Milford she used to train people privately although she hasn’t done this since moving here. 

On arrival in Milford she completed her charitable fund raising commitment to run 50 kilometres every week for 50 weeks despite a prolonged knee injury. Over the last year Melissa realised how important running was, not only to her physical, but also her mental, health. At 51 she remains relatively fit and loves exercise, running & walking regularly with her husband. She is not intending to carry on with her personal training business for income but would love to help others in the community benefit both physically and mentally from regular outdoor activity and to enjoy some good company and chats with a group of like-minded people. 

More Information

Please do remember that Melissa is doing this entirely on a voluntary basis to facilitate people coming together and any participation is at people’s own risk. 

For more information on the sessions of future dates please contact: Melissa Page on or call 07712 164310.

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