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Tuesday, 11 June 2019

New book release from Milford author

Local Milford on Sea author, Sally Armstrong has had her third novel published by Grosvenor House Publishing after five years of writing. 

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The title; The Passions of Charles Kingsley is about the eminent Victorian, author, clergyman and social reformer. The novel traces the amazing life of Charles Kingsley driven by his social conscience and religious belief to change the poverty and disease ridden Victorian Industrial Age. 

Through his books he becomes a firm favourite with Queen Victoria and the Prince Consort and is appointed Chaplain to the Queen and also tutor at Cambridge University to the Prince of Wales, the future Edward V11. In later life he becomes Canon of Westminster. 

Sally Armstrong
The book tells the story of his life, of his ups and downs, his experiences of family bereavement as a young child and of riots in Bristol where he was at school. He is so driven in his work that he suffers from physical and mental collapses through his life. The novel also follows his great love affair with Fanny Grenfell whom eventually he marries.The book gives an insight into Victorian life and its concurrent theme is that of the sad existence of the young boy chimney sweeps. 

Charles Kingsley and his young family stayed in Milford one summer and he rode over to preach at the church in Pennington.

This month celebrates the 200th anniversary of Charles Kingsley’s birth and festivals are planned this weekend Eversely in Hampshire where he was rector for 30 years and also Clovelly where he spent his childhood. 

To buy a copy of The Passions of Charles Kingsley please click here.

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