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Sunday, 28 October 2018

Rock Anthem for the Village

When jazz, blues and rock musician Ivan Chandler moved to Milford on Sea in April 2016, he thought it was the place to be. He loved the people, the pubs, the shops, the village green, the sea and the beach so much he decided it was something to sing about.

He was sitting in the Needles Eye Cafe one day when something caught his eye. It was a tea towel displayed on the wall that said, quite simply, 'Milford on Sea - The Place To Be.'

The words kept going over and over in his mind and soon he’d formed a tune for a rock anthem called 'Milford on Sea – Place To Be'! 

The foot-stomping song mentions many of the local shops, businesses and attractions. Its catchy chorus will soon have listeners singing along, it’s very rock’n roll. 

Ivan “Chuck” Chandler
Keyboard player Ivan recorded the song with his band, The Go Go Five, at Sunshine Corner Studios in Fleet. The CD is due to be released on 1st November 2018 and will include a bonus karaoke version, the lyrics of the song as well as a Milford on Sea map showing the locations of the places mentioned. It will be on sale for £3 cash in the local shops and via the band's website - a share of profits will be donated to local charities. 

Says Ivan “I used to be a radio promotions manager for record companies so I think I know what makes good airplay – and 'Milford on Sea – The Place To Be' seems to be just perfect!” 

About Ivan: Ivan “Chuck” Chandler started piano lessons when he was 8. By the time he was 18, he was playing keyboards for Dusty Springfield, Lulu, Cat Stevens and was musical director for Kiki Dee. 

He went on to hold senior management positions in the music industry at Motown International, Elton John’s Rocket Music company and Paramount Pictures publishing company. He formed his own Music Copyright & Licensing Consultancy company, Musicalities Ltd in 1994. 

The Go Go Five are playing live at The Red Lion in Milford on Sea on Saturday 3rd November. Showtime is 8.30pm, copies of the CD will be on sale – so don’t hesitate to turn up! 

About The Go Go Five: The band was formed in 2003 in Camberley, Surrey featuring a mix of Motown, ‘60s Soul, Jazz, Rock and Blues and plays regular gigs in many venues, including Milford on Sea! Check out: for more info. 

The Go Go Five opened the Milford on Sea Music & Arts Festival this July where they first performed 'Milford on Sea – The Place To Be', the audience were soon singing along to the chorus! 

The band’s co-founder Jonathan MacDonald has played guitar for the Brand New Heavies, Jamiroquai and Madness. Jonathan is also one of the world’s most highly rated inspirational speakers and the author of “Powered by Change”, a Sunday Times Bestseller 2018. 

For more information, call or text Ivan on 07915 662030. 

If you’d like to simply buy one of the limited edition 500 CDs, you can obtain a copy in the village shops from the 1st November 2018. 

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  1. They're a great band - so disappointed I can't make it on Saturday but I'll do better next time! I'm