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Tuesday, 24 July 2018

Milford Flower & Produce Show Review

The Milford Flower & Produce Show took place on 21st July and featured a particularly impressive input from local children's groups who produced very realistic plates of clay vegetables and beautiful miniature gardens.

There were also exceptional successes for Hilary Sullivan in the fruit and vegetable sections and Alison Abrams in floral art. This year's newcomer's award was won by Angela Hockham.

Despite the prolonged hot and dry weather, which particularly affected floral entries, exhibitors provided an impressive range of quality produce. 

Full list of award winners:- 
  • Challenge Cup (most points in show) - Hilary Sullivan 
  • Weatherhead Cup (most points in vegetable classes) - Hilary Sullivan 
  • Joanne Weatherhead Cup (best entry in vegetable classes) - Brian Kesby 
  • Polson Cup (most points in fruit classes) - Hilary Sullivan 
  • Jim Asher Cup (best entry in fruit classes) - Hilary Sullivan 
  • Liz Jones Cup (best entry by a newcomer) - Angela Hockham 
  • Margaret King Cup (best entry in rose classes) - Dennis Eason 
  • Fairbairn Rose Plate (best entry in specimen rose class) - Carol Dickman
  • Presidents Cup (best entry annuals grown from seed) - Christine Twyford 
  • Dorothy Nightingale Cup (best entry in remaining flower classes) - Dennis Eason 
  • Lucey Bowl (floral art arrangement 'all things bright and beautiful') - Alison Abrams 
  • Molly Miller Cup (floral art 'by the sea shore') - Alison Abrams 
  • Danby Cup (floral art 'enchanted reflections') - Alison Abrams 
  • Paterson Produce Cup (most points in produce section) - Diana Cobbett
  • Helen Cookson Cup (most points by a children's group) - Milford Brownies Pixies
  • John Pither Cup (most points in handicrafts section) - Joyce Grainger 
  • George Dowland Cup (most points by an individual child) - Lilly Smith 
  • The Photography Frame (most points in photographic section) - John Brooks

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