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Thursday, 3 May 2018

Milford Community Care Group AGM and Open Day

Chairman Valerie Newell welcomed all to the Community Centre for the 37th Milford Community Care Group AGM on 27th April and delivered her 9th and final report.

Chairman Valerie Newell
She described the Group going from strength to strength and she was happy to be handing over to Veronica Silander. Over the year 27,000 miles had been driven, amounting to over 1,200 trips. Particular mention was due to Brian Clark and Nigel Thomas for drives taking clients to their intensive medical treatments. Three drivers were retiring: Thelma Lusher, Dave Chewins and Tony Harrison. Also Pat Day, Everton representative. All were given gift tokens in appreciation. The Chairman concluded by saying she had really enjoyed her years with the Group, and handed over to the new chairman with all good wishes. 

Treasurer Alan Chapple reported that the finances were in good shape.

Mike Newell, Secretary
Mike Newell, Secretary, made his report. He thanked everyone for their good wishes on his retirement as secretary, a post he had held since 2006. The Group had started with two co-ordinators working from their homes, on call 24-hours, one week on / one week off. Now in 2018 there were 25 co-ordinators and 50 drivers, and the Group has its own office space in the Community Centre for which the Group was most grateful. 

All the committee offered themselves for re-election except chairman and secretary; their replacements being Veronica Silander and Neil Flux respectively. 

Nigel Thomas made a speech thanking Valerie and Mike. He expressed appreciation on behalf of all. In particular, Valerie’s dealing with the occasional difficult situation which she handled with consummate skill and diplomacy, drawing on her years of experience as a senior officer in social services. Mike was a hard-working secretary, whose duties were extensive. He had a fund of expertise, steering the Group through its responsibilities: MCCG was an example of good practice in the county. On behalf of everyone, Nigel offered both Valerie and Mike every good wish, and presented them with certificates of recognition, and gifts of a rose bush and garden vouchers. 

The meeting closed with applause for the retirees, and Valerie then introduced Jill Daniels, who gave an interesting presentation on “The curiosities of Hampshire”.
This started with Hanns Way Eastleigh, home of Benny Hill, and moved on to Wellington’s equestrian statue, now at Aldershot, but originally designed for Wellington Arch, London. Continuing with the military theme, we saw the intricate tapestry of D-Day, housed in Southsea, made with actual fabrics from service uniforms. Moving into the Forest, Minstead churchyard had interesting headstones, including Arthur Conan Doyle’s . 

In Portsmouth they saw shoemaker John Pounds original “Ragged School”, where he took in “waifs and strays” and is credited with founding this valuable movement, set up after he was seriously injured and disabled in a dockyard accident. Staying with things maritime, they were shown Rostron Close, West End, commemorating Captain Rostron of RMS Carpathia, who saved 706 of the Titanic’s passengers. After a detailed tour round the rest of the county, ended with trains – the famous Watercress Line of Alresford, and at Ampfield, birthplace of the Rev Awdry, author of Thomas the Tank Engine books. 

Jill was warmly thanked for her presentation, and the afternoon ended with light refreshments. 

To request transport to medical appointments, or to join Milford Community Care Group  as a volunteer, please phone 01590 641700.

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