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Thursday, 30 November 2017

Milford Charity has a Fundraising Challenge

Milford on Sea based charity, Freedom to Learn is launching an exciting fundraising challenge to raise a total of £4,000 from 40 donors in just 31 days with Global Giving, the largest crowdfunding community platform. 

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The charity, which works to improve the quality and access for some of the most vulnerable children in Nepal, has been selected by the GlobalGiving Foundation to take part in its Accelerator programme. 

This programmes requires charities to raise £4,000 from 40 donors throughout the month of December, in order to be permanently featured on the GlobalGiving’s website. 

Project Manager of Freedom to Learn, Joey Owen said: “This is an amazing opportunity for us and an opener to get into one of the world’s largest community crowdfunding websites.Freedom to Learn is launching a new fundraising challenge this Friday (1st December). I have attached a press release which details the challenge.

“We need to raise £4,000 from 40 donors in 31 days for us to secure a permanent spot on this website, which will enable us in the long term to benefit from corporate relationships, connect with new donors and access valuable online fundraising tools.” 

To help Freedom to Learn reach its £4,000 target, please donate between the 1st to the 31st of December. Please click here.

Freedom to Learn works to improve the quality and access to education for some of the most vulnerable children in Nepal, helping more than 5000 children each year. 

It has supported 12 schools in Nepal since 2012 by providing: 
· Clean water and sanitation
· Bikes to school 
· Teacher training 
· School meals, materials and running costs 

For further information about Freedom To Learn please visit or find them at: 

Facebook: @freedomtolearnuk 
Twitter: @ftluk 
Instagram: freedomtolearnuk

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