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Saturday, 10 June 2017

Scammers target Zaika

A reader has let us know of a scam phone call they received the other night.

The caller offered them the opportunity to buy some sort of VIP card for £55 which would give them various extras at Zaika Indian Restaurant in Milford on Sea High Street. 

Obviously they expressed surprise as the restaurant is currently closed, which the caller was unaware of.

The caller was ready to take payment over the phone on a card, but they wisely declined!


The fate of Zaika Indian Restaurant remains a mystery. 

For some months now the window has carried a sign saying a new chef is on the way with an exciting new menu.

We have tried to contact the restaurant, but with no success. So, the news is that we have no news! (Quality journalism from these pages as always!)

I guess the new chef has either got lost on his way, or is still looking for ingredients for his new menu. - Either way, not having a curry house on the doorstep is giving me significant withdrawal symptoms!

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